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  S.C. BNT SISTEM S.R.L., Cluj-Napoca  
Endereço: Str. Traian Vuia, Nr. 124A

400396, Cluj-Napoca
Telefone: +40 264 521 123 Fax: +40 264 534 290
Descrição: Founded in 2000 in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, BNT plays an important role on the electronic security market in Romania being at the moment one of the most important supplier of security equipment.

  ELKOTech Romania S.R.L., Bucharest  
Endereço: 18, Copilului Street, 1st floor

012178, Bucharest
Telefone: +40 (21) 2246094 Fax: +40 (21) 2246097
Descrição: ELKO Romania is part of ELKO Group, one of the leading IT distributors in CIS, CEE and Baltic States. ELKOTech Romania distributes a full range of IT products - computer components and solutions, peripherals, networking and server products - from more than 25 world-recognized IT producers.
Pessoa de contato: Andrei Dinescu
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