Material Emissivity Table

The following table lists approximated emissivity values for a number of common material types.
For more information about emissivity, see Axis White paper about Remote temperature monitoring available here

Asphalt 0.93
Charcoal 0.96
Clotd 0.95
Concrete 0.94
Foodstuff 0.80-0.90
Graphite 0.97
Metal oxide paints (value may vary depending on paint types) 0.90-0.96
Metals (unoxidized) < 0.10
Oil paint (value may vary depending on paint types) 0.92-0.96
Plastics (value may vary depending on surface finish and paint types) 0.92-0.95
Porcelain (glazed) 0.92
Rubber (hard) 0.94
Rubber (soft) 0.86
Skin (human) 0.98
Soil 0.93
Tape 0.95-0.97
Tar paper 0.93
Textiles 0.94
Wood (value may vary depending on wood type, finish etc.) 0.90-0.95