Canon accessories

Axis sells and supports Canon accessories in EMEA, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

These accessories are designed to fit with Canon cameras and enable the cameras to be mounted in various indoor and outdoor situations.


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Domes & Dome kits

Canon DU10-S-VB Smoked Dome

Canon DU640-S-VB Smoked Dome

Canon PC30-VB Pendant Kit

Canon SR600-VB Recessed Mount

Discontinued product.

Canon PA10-15-VB Pipe Adapter 1.5"

Canon SR11-P-VB Recessed Mount

Canon SR640-S-VB Recessed Mount

Canon CB740-VB Conduit Back Box

Canon PC640-VB Pendant Kit

Canon CA640-VB Conduit Adapter

Canon SR11-S-VB Recessed Mount

Canon PS600-VB Junction Box Plate

Discontinued product.

Canon HU600-VB Heater

Discontinued product.

Canon DR41-VB Indoor Dome Housing

Canon PA-V18 AC Power Supply

Discontinued product.

Canon PC600-VB Pendant Kit

Canon SS30-VB Mounting Spacer

Canon PS30-VB Junction Box Plate

Canon WM10-VB Wall Mount

Canon SR640-P-VB Recessed Mount, Fire resistant

Canon HU641-VB Heater

Canon HU641-VB Heater

Canon SR30-P-VB Recessed Mount

Canon SS40-VB Ceiling Mount Cover

Canon CM10-VB Ceiling Mount

Canon SC640-VB Weather Shield Kit

Axis sells Canon products

Axis sells Canon cameras in EMEA, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.