AXIS 2400/01Help: Modem Settings

If you are configuring your application for transmitting images over a Dial-Up modem connection, define the appropriate communication settings for your modem type and click the Save button to implement the settings.

Disable incoming calls

Check this box if you don't want your AXIS 2400/01 to answer incoming calls.

Note: It is not possible to enable this option if Callback is also enabled.

Modem Type


Select a modem from the list of supported V.90 compatible modems featured in the drop-down list - selecting Generic only if the modem you want to use is not in the list.

Note: Although most external modems are known to work well with Axis products, only the modems listed below have been fully tested by Axis Communications.

Modems not featured in this list might not be automatically detected by the AXIS 2400/01. In these circumstances, each parameter must be set manually.

Init String

This defines the Attention Code (AT) command that initializes the connected modem when starting the Dial-Up connection. Using the Attention Code ATZ as default -  the common code for initializing most commercial modems - the AXIS 2400/01 will normally configure the port settings for the connected modem automatically. Should this default string prove incompatible with your connected modem, you must then enter the correct initialization string.

To return the initialization string to the default setting, click the Default button.

Contact Axis Support for assistance if you do not know the initialization string for your modem.

Communication Settings

Baud Rate

According to the speed of the connected modem, set the number of bits transferred by the communication link per second. The AXIS 2400/01 will regulate this parameter to a slower transmission speed if the line quality degrades during image transmission. Note that this setting does not describe the speed of the connection from the modem to e.g. an ISP, but simply the communication speed from the AXIS 2400/01's serial port to the modem.

Flow Control

To synchronize the AXIS 2400/01 and the connected modem, set the type of flow control. The options are Hardware, Software or None.


By enabling this feature, your AXIS 2400/01 will be able to callback the ISP specified in the ISP pages.

Enable Callback

Check this box if you want to enable callback support for your AXIS 2400/01 .

Note: This operation automatically unchecks the box for Disable incoming calls.

Initiate after

This option specifies how many ring signals should pass before callback is initiated. The value must be between 1 and 10, with a defualt of 3.

Disconnect After

Check this box if you want your AXIS 2400/01 to automatically disconnect a callback after a specified amount of time. In order to keep the connection alive, you must access the URL http://IP/axis-cgi/admin/resetcallbacktimer.cgi to reset the timer.

If an explicit disconnect is needed, then any access to the URL http://IP/axis-cgi/admin/closeppp.cgi will immediately disconnect the PPP link. It is also possible to specify an optional value (in seconds) of when to disconnect. For example, http://IP/axis-cgi/admin/closeppp.cgi?5 will close the link after 5 seconds. This works for any type of PPP connection.