Axis network video surveillance protects city environments

Johannesburg, 2010-Mar-12
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Network video surveillance is one of the most useful tools for fighting crime and protecting citizens. It provides security system operators with razor-sharp details on video, motion detection and tamper-resistance, acting both to detect and deter criminals across a city.

Axis Communications, a technology company offering network video solutions for professional installations is driving the ongoing shift from analogue to digital video surveillance. The company continues to introduce advanced Internet Protocol (IP) video surveillance systems to the South African market. In emergencies, network cameras can help police or fire-fighters pinpoint where their assistance is most needed.

“The right to feel safe and secure is one of the most important basic principles of society, and we as Axis want to make sure that we are playing an integral role in upholding this principle”, says Roy Alves, country manager, Axis Communications South Africa. “Axis is continually upgrading its products to ensure that our technology is „one step ahead of the criminals.”

A camera surveillance initiative was launched in strategic places around Sandton Central on 26 July 2007. This initiative supports crime prevention, traffic management and the identification of local Council utility problems. A team of 31 controllers, operating 24/7 from a central control room, use IP video footage and alarm management software to view live and recorded video, allowing the team to coordinate security guards and armed response teams.

“The range of powerful tools used for monitoring live video and analysing recorded footage is state of the art yet user-friendly,” says Ricky Croock (Managing Director of CSS Tactical) adding, “Typical training for operations personnel is around two hours, depending on the chosen software and includes software use as well as general training regarding the identification of suspicious and or threatening occurrences”.

Camera intelligence allows audio and video input to be analysed simultaneously. The sound of breaking glass therefore, could trigger a pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) network camera to automatically pan to the source of the sound. In the future, significant advantages stemming from Intelligent Video (IV) will reduce bandwidth consumption and manpower; ensuring reactions are targeted, as false alarms will be more easily identifiable.

The results from an international survey conducted by the National Council for Crime Prevention in Sweden, and based on a written report of surveys carried out in the US, Canada, Sweden and Norway, shows that crime has decreased in areas under surveillance. The number of crimes in parking lots for instance has halved and in other areas the desired effect has been closer to 80 percent1. In city centres, and areas with higher crime risks, the average decrease in criminal incidents is 7 percent and public transport has enjoyed a decrease of an average of 23 percent1.

City surveillance is only one of Axis areas of expertise; they have also seen major growth in transportation. Several transportation authorities for example have chosen network video to improve security in their transit systems, or to view and share real-time information on traffic and road conditions. As a result, they benefit from a safer environment for passengers and staff, less vandalism, violence and fraudulent insurance claims, real-time access to live and recorded images and a future-proof, flexible surveillance solution.

“Axis outdoor video solutions are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and to provide reliable surveillance at all times, protecting locals and visitors across our cities”, concludes Alves.

[1] Report 2007:29 “Kameraövervakning och brottsprevention”, The National Council for Crime Prevention in Sweden.

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