Liberty Properties investing in latest technology to enhance mall security

Johannesburg, 2010-Apr-11
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Axis Communications, global leader in IP surveillance, hosted a media event at Jackal Creek Golf Estate to introduce Willem Visser, property risk manager at Liberty Properties to discuss IP surveillance systems as part of their investment in security technology at Sandton City. The day included an overview of Sandton City's surveillance upgrade, and a further elaboration and demonstration of Axis IP cameras by Roy Alves, country manager of Axis Communications, South Africa. The demonstration included the new M-series, P-series as well as the Q1910 thermal camera – showcasing the new product offerings.

In his address, Visser explained that mall robberies are a phenomenon that have been going on for years, and it was not until last year that they grew to an extent that terrified consumers at large. In August 2009, eight malls in South Africa were „hit's in one week, smashing their reputations as safe havens as ruthless armed gangs moved through the shiny, air-conditioned hallways, shooting those in the way of their spoils. Shopping centre owners and managing companies had no alternative but to look for security solutions to protect not only their investment, but also ensuring the safety of retailers, consumers and their respective employees.

Sandton City (built in 1973), has over 300 leading retailers from international premium brands, and one-of-a-kind South African artworks, to the latest offering in shoes from Milan. Long before mall robberies had become an issue Sandton City had the foresight to proactively pursue upgrading their security to what it is today.

In 2007, Sandton City explored the possibility of upgrading their surveillance system to IP surveillance, and after a rigorous tender process Axis Communications was chosen as one of the system suppliers. Axis was one of the active partners in the project team to install the total solution at Sandton City. The project team worked through a process of training, and installing the necessary cables and cameras which was completed in February 2009.

“The process took as long as it did due to Sandton City being the largest, single IP Surveillance installation site in South Africa to date. We were very pleased to be the chosen vendor, and that we would ultimately be supporting the important initiative of ensuring the safety of the South African public,” said Alves. The installation by Axis included a wide range of their products, including the Axis 210A, Axis 211, Axis 211M and Axis P3301 network cameras, for the hallways, shops and parking. They also installed the Axis 216MFD Megapixel Dome for the ATMs, and the Axis 232D, 233D, 221 and 209Fd for all elevators.

During his presentation at the event, Visser said “A major contributing factor for Sandton choosing Axis was their wide product range offering at an affordable price. This meant that “the right fit camera” could be selected for each unique application requirement. We know we have the assurance of each camera being 100% suited to fulfil the required functionality.”

“We are very happy with the end result, and we are 100% comfortable with ensuring the public that Sandton has taken all reasonable precautions to ensure patron safety,” Visser concluded.

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