Axis announces its first product with ONVIF support

Lund, 2009-Sep-21
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Axis Communications, the market leader within network video and one of the founders of ONVIF, today announces its first network video camera with ONVIF support. The announcement demonstrates Axis’ commitment to ONVIF and is the first step in the company’s strategy to provide ONVIF support in its network video products.

Axis today announces firmware version 5.10 for AXIS P3301 Fixed Dome Network Camera. The new firmware includes support for ONVIF, the global interface specification for network video products. “This demonstrates our commitment to supporting the ONVIF specification in our products,” says Erik Frännlid, Director of Product Management at Axis Communications. “At the same time, this is only the first step in an ongoing process. Moving forward, we will implement ONVIF support in the majority of our network video products, either directly at launch or in firmware updates.”

ONVIF was founded in 2008 with the goal to develop a global standard for the interface of network video products. The forum has already attracted more than 90 member companies and according to a recent analysis by IMS Research, ONVIF members command nearly 60% of the market revenues for network video surveillance equipment.

Axis’ engagement in ONVIF is one of the company’s initiatives to create openness in the market for network video. “We fully believe that end users and integrators benefit the most from having the possibility to choose best-of-breed solutions when designing their surveillance systems,” says Erik Frännlid. “Our own interface, VAPIX, has always been open for third-party development and Axis network video products are today supported by the market’s broadest range of video management software. In parallel with introducing ONVIF, our product portfolio will continue to support VAPIX, thus making the best of two worlds available to the market and our partners.”

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