Axis expands its network audio offering for smart background music and public address systems

Lund, 2017-Sep-21
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Axis adds to its growing offering for smart, network based audio solutions for use beyond traditional security. A new network audio bridge allows integration between analog and network audio systems and lets customers benefit from the advantages of a network based system, while keeping current analog hardware. Axis also introduces a new network microphone console that, when paired together with Axis network speakers, creates a complete public address system.

With the new AXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge and 2N® SIP Mic, Axis Communications strengthens its network audio offering for use beyond traditional security.
The latest additions from Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, widen the possible use of audio to enhance business operations and safety and security. By making it smart and easy, the network audio bridge and the network microphone console adds value to a number of different use cases, such as background music and announcements in retail chains or paging solutions in public address systems in the education sector. It is possible to combine these with Axis network speakers in one system, with no central electronic equipment needed. Axis network audio systems are based on open standards, which means they are easy to integrate with other systems.

Many legacy systems use analog speaker systems that are not compatible with digital speaker systems or digital audio sources. With AXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge, it is possible to play music from an analog line level source like a mobile, tablet or a professional streaming box through Axis network speakers, or connect a digital audio source such as AXIS Audio Player to play music in an analog speaker system.

Axis also announces 2N® SIP Mic, a compatible network microphone console from 2N, an Axis company, for use in public address systems. This smart network microphone console offers 12 configurable buttons and allows for flexible paging in multiple zones, to make live announcements and play pre-recorded messages.

“With the new 2N SIP Mic, Axis network speakers are turned into complete public address systems that are perfect for the education sector. And by using the network audio bridge to connect existing analog devices with Axis network audio systems, we make it very easy and cost-effective for the customer to benefit from all the advantages a digital system offers. Network audio also means that the system is easy to scale and is flexible enough to adapt to meet the customers’ changing demands. It is easy to instantly add or remove devices, compared to analog systems where both hardware, software and cable installation needs to be changed”, says Håkan Hansson, Global Product Manager Audio, Axis Communications.

“Using the intelligence of a network video system with accompanying audio can often be one of the most efficient ways of managing many issues faced by organizations. Retailers, for example, can manage queues by informing customers that tills on another floor are less busy. In schools, administrators can alert a pupil who is spotted out of class. These two examples are just a fraction of the potential benefits digital audio provides”, Hansson continues. “Considering we have driven the change from analog to digital in the video surveillance market, these new products play an important role in developing the audio market in the same direction.”

AXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge and 2N® SIP Mic will be available through Axis’ distribution channels in September 2017.

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