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Chelmsford, Mass., 2016-Sep-29
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AXIS V59 PTZ Network Camera Series provides studio-quality imaging and audio for live streaming and webcasting in a variety of scenarios.

The AXIS V59 PTZ Network Camera Series, live streaming cameras for professional use
Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, today announced its involvement in multiple projects that utilized AXIS V59 PTZ Network Camera Series for live streaming.

AXIS V59 PTZ Network Camera Series include pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras that are designed primarily for live streaming and non-security use. Launched in Q2 2015, the cameras offer HDTV resolutions of up to 1080p at 60 fps, smooth PTZ, high quality audio, powerful 30x zoom and an open interface for easy integration with other systems.
Three successful use cases of the AXIS V59 Series include:

  • BLEACHERS, a Connecticut-based company that offers live and on demand streaming services, has deployed AXIS V59 Series cameras at schools nationwide to cover a variety of athletics, performing arts and special events.

  • Molloy College, a private higher education institute in Long Island, New York, implemented AXIS V59 Series cameras in many of their classrooms and conference rooms in its renowned nursing school for lecture capture and live view purposes.

  • The Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, which hosts sporting events, concerts, tradeshows and more, positions AXIS V5915 PTZ Network Cameras below its main scoreboard for use in event production and playback capabilities.

BLEACHERS: Never miss an important moment

When the founder of BLEACHERS could not get to all of his daughter’s after school events and activities, he decided to launch a solution that could reach across the community and provide video, both live and on demand, to keep families and friends involved.

The BLEACHERS platform is a fully integrated solution for screening and archiving video, and its team’s mission is to try to transform how schools engage with their communities through meaningful content. The group first ordered a selection of AXIS V5914 PTZ Network Cameras for use in performing arts productions and chapels. The venues have expanded, and now the cameras can be found in gymnasiums, auditoriums and elsewhere around school campuses as well.

“One of our clients told us they love it because the cameras really let them feel the pulse of the school; they get to see everything,” said Emily Mommsen, Chief Financial Officer at BLEACHERS. “We work to help schools build relationships with parents, alumni and donors and spark engagement through the power of live video and content.”

The BLEACHERS staff strives to provide a high quality stream with the ability to pan around and zoom in where necessary, whether for a basketball game, graduation ceremony or guest speaker. Schools call on BLEACHERS to build relationships with the families of students through video, enabling parents to catch all of their child’s gameday action if they can’t make it to an event, for example.

“We use the AXIS V5914 because of the picture quality,” noted Tomasz Scislowski, Director of Engineering at BLEACHERS. “When we stream performing arts, lighting conditions are basically just a brightly lit stage and a dark room. Those are extremely difficult circumstances for a camera to deal with. The AXIS V5914 successfully figures it out for us.”

Molloy College: Assisting learning in a medical environment

With the construction of a new building for its acclaimed nursing degree program, Molloy College called on Axis partner Advance Sound to address their need of recording lectures and enhancing in-class views for students and faculty. Considering the tiered and wide lecture halls, Molloy decided to install two AXIS V5914 PTZ Network Cameras in each classroom to provide multiple views of the scene.

“They are so easy for us to use,” said Nick Simone, Senior Client Services Specialist in Office for Technology and Institutional Effectiveness at Molloy College. “We love the ability in our labs to send the audio and video both over one cable back to the server. Then we’re able to stream and record the labs. “If a student is absent or just wants to go back and review a class, the cameras with audio allow them to achieve that now. The image comes across very clearly and we are hoping to expand our use of these cameras in the near future.”

As a small college, Molloy allocated resources to outfit these recently built classrooms, plus video conferencing rooms, with first-rate technology to advance the learning environments of its students. Cameras are pointed to display images from a nursing table at the front of the room, for example, back onto a main screen for easy presentation and viewing by the entire class.

Denny Sanford Premier Center: Touchdown solution for production

One of the three connected venues as part of the Denny Sanford Premier Center, the Events Center in Sioux Falls plays host to countless events over the course of the calendar year. Sporting events like arena football and ice hockey, concerts and tradeshows are a few examples, and the Arena has installed a couple of AXIS V5915 PTZ Network Cameras on the center overhead scoreboard and one at each at one end of bowl over the goal lines.

The Events Center has been able to get a wide variety of uses with these cameras, from in-house and live broadcast production during events to time lapses and security backup. The cameras are also made available to guest national broadcasters.

When it comes to official reviews of action during a game and entertainment on the scoreboard in the form of crowd shots in the seating bowl, the Events Center runs the AXIS V5915s independently of the broadcast to get the most out of their capabilities.

“They are so flexible,” said Bill Murray, Technical Services Manager at SMG, the managing company for the Denny Sanford Premier Center. “We can use the Axis Client to log into the cameras separately so we’re not interrupting the security system. They have been really handy.”

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