Axis Communications continues long-term sustainability efforts and releases report for 2014

Chelmsford, Mass., 2015-Apr-29
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The sustainability report for 2014 focuses on environmental considerations, business ethics and corporate social responsibility, and highlights progress made in a number of fields such as environmental impact and anti-corruption.

Download the sustainability report for 2014.
Axis Communications, the global leader in network video surveillance, today published its fifth sustainability report with a focus on environmental considerations, business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Great progress has also been made in the work on informing and auditing suppliers in order to ensure compliance with Axis’ Supplier Code of Conduct. The sustainability report was prepared according to the G4 global reporting standard.

“Axis works proactively with sustainability questions on a long-term basis since a responsible attitude is an important success factor for our global business operations. I am proud of what we have achieved during 2014 – all from optimizing our logistics flows to minimizing our environmental impact as well as countering corruption in the value chain and working to create a safer and more secure world,” said Ray Mauritsson, president, Axis Communications.

Axis aims to be a driving force behind the development of innovative security solutions, which help users in both the private and public sectors meet today’s critical challenges, such as protecting people as well as important infrastructure, and urban problems such as traffic congestion.
As a global company with employees in 49 countries and partners in 179 countries, Axis aims to be a leader in the security industry when it comes to corporate social responsibility and therefore takes a long-term responsibility for how the company’s operations affect employees, partners, suppliers, end users and other important target groups.

“As market leader, Axis’ ambition is to serve as a model for the industry in terms of sustainability. The latest report shows how our sustainability work has delivered positive results across the entire value chain. I look forward to continue driving the work relating to Axis’ industry-leading measures such as our anti-corruption program,” said Mauritsson.

Some important measures from the sustainability report for 2014:
  • Axis’ comprehensive anti-corruption work has been intensified; all employees have participated in training and more than 100 of the company’s distributors have undertaken to comply with the company’s industry-leading policy of zero tolerance against corruption, bribes and conflicts of interests.
  • 96 percent of Axis’ suppliers that have an impact on the company in terms of the environment or sustainability have either been audited by Axis supplier inspectors or are certified to ensure that they follow Axis’ requirements relating to environmental considerations, the working environment and occupational safety.
  • Axis has managed to cut the company’s carbon dioxide emissions by 13 percent during 2014, primarily through its optimized logistics flows and reduced distances for transportation.
  • Axis has continued to phase out PVC plastic from its products and 65 percent of the company’s network cameras and video encoders are now PVC-free.
  • During 2014, Axis’ employees participated in employee surveys conducted by Great Place to Work® in Sweden, USA and Germany and the company captured top positions in all countries.
  • In order to raise environmental awareness among its suppliers, Axis held webinars through its training program Axis Supplier Academy, where all suppliers were informed about Axis’ view of sustainability issues as well as rules and laws for material accounting.

In this year’s report, Axis changed over to the new G4 reporting standard, which is an update of the leading rules for sustainability reporting drawn up by the Global Reporting Initiative. As part of Axis’ transition to the new reporting standard, the company has initiated dialogue with key target groups and stakeholders, which has provided important insights that can be used to continue improving the company’s long-term sustainability work.

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