Axis announces high frame rate fixed network cameras for capture of quick movements in HD quality

Lund, 2013-Oct-29
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AXIS Q1614 and AXIS Q1614-E Fixed Network Cameras allow for identification of people and objects in demanding lighting conditions. In addition, the new fixed IP cameras provide a number of innovative installation features.

AXIS Q1614 Fixed Network Camera allows for identification of people and objects in demanding lighting conditions. See film.
Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, announces the indoor AXIS Q1614 and the outdoor-ready AXIS Q1614-E cameras. Able to capture quick movements recording at twice the usual frame rate and to handle complex scenes with high contrasts and extreme low-light conditions, these IP cameras are ideal for traffic monitoring, city surveillance and industrial applications.

AXIS Q1614/-E cameras feature HDTV 720p recording at 50 or 60 frames per second which resembles twice the frame rate used in conventional cameras. This ensures quick movements are captured in more detail so that for example quickly passing objects on a sliding band in an industrial production line can be better identified.

Axis’ Wide Dynamic Range – dynamic capture (WDR) technology enables AXIS Q1614/-E cameras to handle complex scenes with high contrasts such as for example when sunlight creates both very bright zones as well as very dark shadow areas. Under these circumstances AXIS Q1614 and AXIS Q1614-E provide homogeneous images without too dark or too bright zones. This allows for identification of people and objects no matter if they are in a very bright or very dark zone of the monitored area.

AXIS Q1614/-E cameras also feature Axis’ Lightfinder technology to allow for effective operation in extreme low-light conditions. In contrast to conventional day and night cameras that switch to black and white in darkness, cameras incorporating Axis’ Lightfinder technology can maintain colors even in very dark conditions. There are many situations where surveillance video with color is an important factor for successful identification, and this capability greatly enhances the possibility to effectively identify people and objects.

“The AXIS Q1614 cameras combine two appreciated technologies that we first introduced with the previous AXIS Q16 Series; Axis’ Lightfinder and the Wide Dynamic Range-dynamic capture,” says Erik Frännlid, Axis’ Director of Product Management. “The cameras are not only suitable for all type of lighting conditions, but they represent our first fixed network cameras to provide smoother video with 50 or 60 frames per second in HDTV 720p video quality. We believe that the high frame rate and excellent video quality will be a successful combination in those applications where it is required to capture quick movements of objects, even in tough lighting situations.”

Axis is introducing new innovative installation features with AXIS Q1614/-E Fixed Network Cameras to cut down on time needed for installation and to ensure optimal setup of the cameras. With the new leveling assistance for example, a buzzer and a flashing light guide the installer to mount the camera at the right horizontal level. This is very useful when the installer is unsure whether the installation bracket is mounted straight or not. AXIS Q1614/-E are also Axis’ first cameras with adjustable high-sensitive shock detection, a function which enables the camera to automatically send an alarm to a control room if it is hit. This feature is especially valuable in areas subject to vandalism, and helps operators maximize camera uptime, see film.

The indoor AXIS Q1614 and the outdoor-ready AXIS Q1614-E fixed network cameras are planned to be available in Q4 2013 through Axis´distribution channels.

The camera is supported by the industry’s largest base of video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner Program, and AXIS Camera Station. The camera includes support for AXIS Camera Companion, AXIS Camera Application Platform, AXIS Video Hosting System and ONVIF for easy camera system integration and for application developers to provide the camera with intelligent capabilities.

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