Axis Communications publishes its 2012 sustainability report<br><i>Continued improvements regarding long-term responsibility</i>

Lund, 2013-May-15
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Axis’ third sustainability report details the company's successes in 2012 and highlights its sustainability objectives and initiatives in these areas: environment, business conduct and social responsibility.

As a global company, Axis delivers innovative network video products that enable a safer, smarter and more secure world. Sustainability is a natural, business-critical part of Axis operations, whose vision and mission include long-term business relationships plus social and environmental responsibilities.

“The results that we achieved in 2012 show that Axis’ long-term sustainability work has been successful, and we are now continuing to further improve our efforts in the three areas environmental considerations, business ethics and social responsibility,” says Ray Mauritsson, CEO of Axis Communications. “As market leader, we have both opportunities and a responsibility to influence the industry when it comes to minimizing climate impact, promoting good working conditions and fighting corruption and violations of human rights.”

Environmental concerns throughout the value chain
Axis implemented these and other measures in 2012, to minimize its carbon footprint:
• Continued to enhance and reduce product packaging.
• Optimized logistics flows, e.g., used land and marine transport as often as possible and worked with suppliers closer to certain markets. The result was that Axis reduced carbon emissions by 16% per ton compared to 2011.
• Continued to develop energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly products and solutions, e.g., our award winning Lightfinder technology.
• Create a Green Product Design group that reviews material selection (PVC is now being phased out of products).

Ethics in all business processes
To implement the company’s business ethics policy in 2012, Axis initiated several key processes to ensure that business relationships are managed in a responsible, transparent, credible way, for example, Axis: (i) launched a major initiative to prevent corruption, bribery, and conflicts of interest. All employees and distributors get trained in this area and are asked to comply with the company’s zero-tolerance policy against corruption. (ii) Continued to scrutinize suppliers to ensure that they follow Axis business ethics requirements on environmental and occupational health and safety conditions (Axis inspected most of its suppliers).

Long-term corporate social responsibility
Corporate social responsibility permeates the entire operation and creates an open organization with a strong corporate culture. In 2012, Axis employed 300 persons and (i) trained all employees on the company's core values and its Code of Conduct – to create an open, stimulating, creative work environment, and (ii) informed its partners about Axis sustainability efforts and expectations about acting in unity with the Axis Code of Conduct.

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