Thermal IP surveillance

Johannesburg, 2012-Apr-19
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Thermals were all the rage last year, will they still be a popular option in 2012/2013? Is there space left of IR and/or low-light cameras?

Thermal IP cameras will still be a popular option in 2012/2013 as there are multiple uses for these cameras for example firefighters that use it to see through smoke, find people, and localise the base of a fire; power lines maintenance technicians locate overheating joints and parts; and building construction technicians can see heat leaks to improve the efficiencies of cooling or heating air-conditioning.

Thermal IP cameras create images based on the heat that radiates from any object, vehicle or person. This gives the cameras the power to see through complete darkness and deliver images that allow operators to detect and act on suspicious activity. Thermal network cameras can also handle many difficult weather conditions better than conventional cameras, allowing operators to see through haze, dust and smoke.

These cameras are now being used not just for the defence of various countries, they are now found in various lines of business such as the aircraft industry, shipping industry and security and surveillance. It is even used in public services like fire fighting and law enforcement and, more recently, it has even appeared in consumer productsand expensive luxury cars.

A so-called day-and-night camera uses an IR-cut filter during daytime to filter out IR-light so it does not distort the colours of images as perceived by the human eye. When the camera is in night mode, the IR-cut filter is removed. Thermal images on the other hand, are not dependent on visible light. Instead, images are created by operating in the infrared spectrum. It works perfectly well even in total darkness since the ambient light level does not matter.

Thermal cameras do not only perform well in total darkness, they also perform well under difficult climatic circumstances such as haze, dust, rain, snow and smoke.

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