Axis comments on the situation in Thailand

Lund, 2011-Nov-03
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On account of the Thailand flood disaster, Axis Communications hereby announces that some of the company’s subcontractors have been affected and this will very likely reduce the availability of a number of Axis network products in the next few months.

Axis uses contract manufacturers and suppliers with factories in several places worldwide in order to ensure continuous and flexible production. A number of these suppliers and contract manufacturers are based in Thailand.

“It is difficult to judge today to what extent Axis’ business will be affected going forward by the reduced product availability. However, in view of the extent of the disruption, it is reasonable to assume that the reduced availability over the next 3-4 months can reduce sales by 10-15% during the period. To minimize the effects of the disruptions as a result of the Thai disaster, we have arranged production as much as possible with suppliers that have manufacturing facilities at other sites worldwide. In parallel, we are also working close to our Thai partners and are trying to help them as much as we can in the process of returning to full capacity,” says Ray Mauritsson, President of Axis Communications.

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