How next generation CCTV can help increase customer loyalty

Luton, 2011-Sep-26
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As consumer spending habits are further challenged by the economic climate, retailers need to reconsider the role their in-store surveillance systems can play as a tool to increase customer loyalty, claims Axis Communications.

According to Axis, next generation CCTV network surveillance solutions which incorporate software applications designed to analyse the images they capture, offer retailers a visual insight into customers’ behaviour. This adds another level of business intelligence to supplement the information retailers are able to capture from customer loyalty schemes if they run them.

Atul Rajput, retail development manager, Axis Communications said: “By taking advantage of the additional benefits offered by network video cameras, retailers can tap into technology that they already use as a loss prevention tool to enable new customer insight applications. By feeding additional video streams from a single camera into customer behaviour analysis tools, store managers can analyse customer dwell time, demographics, footfall and customer flow.

“The majority of consumer purchasing decisions are made on impulse while browsing in-store, so gathering visual intelligence on customer behaviour is crucial to optimising sales. Capturing visual intelligence on customer response to displays and promotions, allows retailers to evaluate the level of customer interaction and interest with in-store merchandising, and product placements.

“Network video cameras also allow retailers to capture and analyse demographics such as age and gender which can provide valuable intelligence on customer buying patterns and shopping habits of different demographic groups.”

Network video-based intelligence empowers retailers to make real-time decisions to improve the in-store customer experience and respond more effectively to changes in consumer demand.

In an era where retailers use social media to offer real time deals, video can play an important role in providing real time intelligence to align the in store experience to prevailing customer shopping traits.

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