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Johannesburg, 2011-Mar-29
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Mobile DVR's

AXIS Camera Station is a complete video monitoring and recording system that allows for remote viewing and control; easy and intuitive handling; extensive language support and installation to small and mid-sized systems. Compared with analog surveillance systems based on Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) the AXIS Camera Station, in combination with Axis network video products, offers several benefits:

System scalability

AXIS Camera Station is installed on a standard PC. Cameras and licenses can be easily added one by one, reducing response times and simplifying upgrades/replacements (as opposed to when using proprietary equipment such as DVRs). The system hardware can be upgraded to meet increased performance requirements.

Image quality

AXIS Camera Station makes it possible to view, record and export high-quality video in H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG compression formats. With progressive scan and HDTV and megapixel resolutions, network camera technology has surpassed the image quality provided by analog cameras with DVRs.

Cost effectiveness

Most Axis network video products support Power over Ethernet (PoE), which allows you to power the devices through the network and eliminate the wiring needed for electrical outlets. Using standard PC and server hardware for video recording and storage- rather than proprietary equipment such as DVRs- radically reduces management and equipment costs.

Camera intelligence

Advanced network cameras and video encoders with built-in intelligence or analytics, such as video motion detection, audio detection alarm as well as active tampering alarm reduce the amount of uninteresting recordings. AXIS Camera Station utilises camera based motion detection to save bandwidth and disk space.

Multi-view streaming and fail-over recording in cameras are examples of new possibilities for system optimisation and improved reliability that are not available in an analog solution.

System integration

Network video products based on open standards can easily be integrated with computer and ethernet-based information systems, audio or security systems and other digital devices. AXIS Camera Station comes with an open interface for easy integration with third-party applications. For instance, video from a network camera can be integrated into a Point of Sales system or a building management system.

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