Axis wireless network camera makes world record in altitude

Lund, 2010-Nov-26
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A record has been set by an Axis network camera operating via the world’s highest wireless network while delivering high quality images to Earth. The camera was sent into the atmosphere by a stratospheric balloon from the Esrange Space Center in the north of Sweden

The Esrange Space Center at the Swedish Space Corporation sent a high altitude balloon equipped with atmospheric physics research tools up to 35 000 meters. When the tests were completed the 100 000 m³ balloon was brought down with three parachutes. The Esrange Space Center has sent up over 550 stratospheric balloons since 1974. Unique to this launch was that the parachutes were equipped with a network camera from Axis, the AXIS Q6034-E, which made it possible for the researchers to validate the parachute system and the landing with high quality images in real time from Earth. The balloon landed in northern Finland, which required the wireless network to have a reach of 400 km.

“Axis outdoor video solutions are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and to provide reliable surveillance at all times. To manage to deliver images in conditions of -73º C for over three hours, with the lowest temperature reaching -90º C, is very satisfying”, said Erik Frännlid, Director, Product Management, Axis Communications.
The researchers at Esrange Space Center are very pleased with the test. “To be able to visually see what is happening in real time, combined with the data we are recording, is invaluable for assessing how the parachutes behave and where they land. It will lead to more reliable and secure landings”, explained Per Baldemar, head of the launching team of Rocket & Balloon Systems, Swedish Space Corporation.

Press images from the launch:
Film from AXIS Q6034-E PTZ Dome Network Camera in operation from 35 000 m height:

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