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Johannesburg, 2009-Feb-16
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Roy Alves, country manager, Axis Communications

Even though they are predominantly used for monitoring and securing business premises, network cameras, also known as Internet Protocol (IP) cameras have an important role to play in home security. Below are some of the considerations that make IP surveillance systems suitable for private home surveillance.

Lower total cost of ownership
Private home owners don’t always have the capital that corporate users do, making affordability one of their main concerns when it comes to choosing a home surveillance system. A recent study showed that an IP-based system offers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than a similarly sized analogue-based surveillance system. The study also showed that if a complete IP infrastructure is in place, the IP-based video surveillance system will always cost less. Even though the initial purchase may seem higher, the total cost of ownership places IP surveillance well within reach for private users.

Remote accessibility
Through IP video solutions, it is possible to remotely access a camera over the Internet and view the footage it is capturing from anywhere in the world where there is Internet connectivity, something that is not possible with analogue systems. Whether you are at work or on holiday, you will always have the peace of mind of knowing what’s happening in and around your house.

Simpler storage
IP video surveillance practically brought an end to the use of video cassettes as a medium for saving footage captured on surveillance cameras, which was characteristic of analogue systems. For the home-user, this is good news as they no longer have to make provisions for storage space to keep their surveillance footage. Instead of cassette tapes, footage from IP surveillance cameras can be stored on PCs making it easier to manage and upgrade the system if necessary.

Furthermore, new compression standards such as H.264, which is available in IP cameras, have taken the storage benefits of IP systems to the next level by enabling the transmission and storage of high quality images at significantly reduced bandwidth, fulfilling the need for storage efficiency.

Intelligent solutions
IP video surveillance solutions have reached a level of intelligence that would, not so long ago, have been thought to be improbable. Active Tampering Alarm, a feature in IP cameras that enables the detection disrupted camera operations by automatically alerting the user when a camera is re-directed, blocked or manipulated, is an example of how video surveillance solutions have evolved to deliver on the promise of more intelligent solutions.

Image quality
Image quality is arguably one of the most important features of any camera. IP cameras have by far surpassed analogue cameras with regards to the quality of the images produced by both camera types. Analogue cameras are limited by the 0.4 Megapixel resolution of NTSC/PAL standards, while IP cameras, even entry level models, can easily surpass this.

Those already running analogue surveillance systems do not have to despair. By adding a video server, analogue cameras that are already installed can be incorporated into an IP-Surveillance network enabling users to reap the benefits of an IP system.

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