Customer stories

Protect your passion. Business owners rely on AXIS Companion. 

Video surveillance is just one of the many important aspects to consider when running a small business. With a professional video surveillance solution, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your business is being protected 24/7, and be free to focus on other priorities. Find out how business owners and retail managers are using AXIS Companion for security and efficient business operations.

Smoother and safer retail operations  

“That remote access has freed up my time.” Says Victoria, the retail operations manager at Trotters Childrenswear in busy London, UK. She was surprised to find out how the IP CCTV security system has become invaluable for the chains daily operations.

In this video Victoria and her installer Ben from KMH Communications explain the benefits and many different uses of a true IT solution that is simple to use and operate.

Trust in the system and installer   

With AXIS Companion, Frédéric, the owner of the Affliction store in Paris, got a video surveillance system suited to the needs of his business. He sums up the successful system installation by saying, “If I opened a new store, I would reuse the same system and definitely trust my AXIS Companion Specialist again.”

Watch the video for the story behind this successful business partnership.

Safety and security at a lifestyle store  

Mattias and Fredrik pursued their passion when they opened the outdoors lifestyle store Jakt & Friluftsgården in Lund, Sweden. With success came expansion and with that the need for a modern video surveillance solution to secure their operations. “The cameras, just being there, create a sense of security. And you can always rewind to see what happened.”

In this video, Matthias and Fredrik, describe how they use AXIS Companion for in-store surveillance and security, and give a glimpse of the tranquility of the life outdoors.