White papers

Title Language Date
Wide dynamic range: WDR solutions for forensic value English November 2017
Tecnología de radar en vigilancia Spanish October 2017
Introduction to audio: acoustics, speakers and audio terminology English October 2017
Radar technology in surveillance English October 2017
Axis Zipstream technology English September 2017
網路安全基本概念與專業用語 Chinese, Simplified August 2017
사이버 보안개념 및 용어 Korean August 2017
サイバーセキュリティコンセプトおよび用語 Japanese August 2017
网络安全概念和术语 Chinese, Simplified August 2017
Cybersecurity white paper English June 2017
Panoramic cameras English June 2017
Axis Secure Remote Access English May 2017
Long distance surveillance - Fiber-optic communication English April 2017
Flexible and reliable recording solutions: Edge storage English February 2017
Small Business market report based on a survey among 500 small business owners in the UK (2016) with the purpose to e... English December 2016
Measurement of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) - The Axis method English November 2016
Video streaming buffer limitation English November 2016
Whitepaper Cutting Cost (Zipstream) in Hungarian language English October 2016
Whitepaper Cutting Cost (Zipstream) in Czech language Czech October 2016
Mais informações para melhores decisões comerciais. Análise do Custo Total de Propriedade (TCO) de sistemas de vigilâ... Portuguese, Brazil September 2016
深入洞察提供明智的商業決策: 分析影像監控系統總體持有成本(TCO) Chinese, Simplified September 2016
Saperne di più per decidere meglio: Analisi del Costo totale di proprietà (Total Cost of Ownership – TCO) dei sistemi... Italian September 2016
より高い見識で 意思決定の質を高める: 映像監視システムの総所有コスト (TCO)分析 Japanese August 2016
Проникновение в суть вещей: ради принятия взвешенных решений в бизнесе Russian August 2016
Tieferer Einblick zur Optimierung von Geschäftsentscheidungen: Analyse der Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) von Videoübe... German August 2016