Teamwork creates complete network video solutions for optimizing business intelligence

90% of retailers say they are now using video footage for business intelligence purposes according to ESG’s 2013 IT and video surveillance study.

Are you making the most of your video data to improve your customer experience?

Imagine the perfect store. Your customers are greeted personally as they walk through the door, your displays interact in ways to improve sales, your shelves tell you when items are out of stock, and you have full visibility into your customer demographics, as well as their interactions with products throughout the store to help with staffing and inventory management.

Did you know all of this is possible through business intelligence tied to video? By leveraging video throughout the store, you can create a total solution that helps optimize your merchandising, marketing, and business operations.

At NRF Big Show, Axis Communications will demonstrate how working with application developers and technology providers can make these perfect store scenarios possible. Experience

  • Prism Skylabs’ in-store heat mapping and people counting
  • Agilence’s synchronized transactions with video
  • Simply RFID’s product to surveillance intelligence tied to mobile POS
  • and NEC’s demographic identification with facial recognition

With Axis cameras and encoders in the backbone, you can fully integrate video to enhance your business intelligence.

Visit the Axis booth at NRF Big Show, booth #2431 to experience the optimized store solutions and see how network video solutions are making the difference for retail.

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