Manual Iris Varifocal Lens 2.4-6 mm

Suitable in fluorescent environment

  • High image quality with P-Iris control
  • Varifocal megapixel lens 9-20 mm
  • IR-corrected lens
  • Designed for low distortion applications

Compact varifocal lens with manual iris

The varifocal lens is a light, compact manual iris lens, with an aperture equal to F1.6. The lens can be used to control the iris for fine tuning e.g. against flicker problems in fluorescent illumination. The lens is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Compatible cameras

The Manual Iris Varifocal Lens 2.4-6 mm is recommended for use with AXIS M1103 and AXIS M1104 Network Cameras.

Camera Image sensor Angle of view *
AXIS M1103 1/4" 70°-30°
AXIS M1104 1/4" 81°-35°

* Angles achieved when the camera is used inside an Axis housing

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