Fujinon Varifocal Megapixel Lens 15-50 mm

  • Megapixel lens
  • CS-mount
  • Designed to maximize optical performance
  • Metal mount

Recognition instead of just viewing

The megapixel varifocal DC auto-iris lens from Fujinon is designed for 1/3” ~ 1/4" format megapixel cameras. With an aspherical lens, low-dispersion glass, and incorporated advanced optical design technology, this lens produces high-precision images from the image center to the margin areas, and exploits the full performance of a megapixel camera. This is the most suitable lens for high-quality image surveillance with megapixel cameras, as well as lower resolution cameras.

At its lowest focal length, the Fujinon Varifocal Megapixel Lens 15-50 mm offers a traditional surveillance camera view. As the focal length is increased, the lens offers a narrower angle of view and thus increases the magnifying capabilities of the lens. The 50 mm setting is used when obstacles prevent placing the camera close to the object, or when semi-covert surveillance is required.

Compatible cameras

The Fujinon Varifocal Megapixel Lens 15-50 mm is recommended for use with AXIS M1113, AXIS M1113-E, AXIS M1114 and AXIS M114-E Network Cameras.

Camera Image sensor Angle of view *
AXIS M1113 1/4" 15-4°
AXIS M1113-E 1/4" 15-4°
AXIS M1114 1/4" 21-5°
AXIS M1114-E 1/4" 21-5°

* Angles achieved when the camera is used inside an Axis housing

Note: This lens is designed for CS-mount cameras and is not available for C-mount cameras.

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