Fujinon Varifocal Lens 15-50 mm

  • Designed for low-light cameras
  • Varifocal 15-50 mm lens
  • DC-iris and CS-mount
  • IR corrected lens for day & night cameras

3.3x telephoto lens

Compact and lightweight design, this DC-iris lens is designed to maximize optical performance with high quality aspherical lens, integrating Fujinon's Aspherical Technology (AT) using low-dispersion glass with a high-reflective index. It offers sharper, even better quality images and higher optical performance.

Designed for light sensitive cameras

The lens features fast aperture and is equipped with built-in ND (Neutral Density) filters for use with light sensitive cameras, plus metal CS mounts with locking screws and DC-iris system. The focal length is 15-50 mm and the lens fast aperture (F-number) is 1.5.


The Fujinon Varifocal Lens 15-50 mm DC-iris is recommended for use with the Axis fixed network cameras listed in the table below. The lens is day/night corrected and therefore no adjustments will be needed when the camera's IR-cut filter disengages.

Camera Image sensor Angle of view *
AXIS M1124/-E 1/3" 20°-3.4°
AXIS M1125/-E 1/3" 20°-3.4°
AXIS P1353/-E  1/3" 18°-6°
AXIS P1354/-E  1/3" 18°-6°
AXIS Q1602/-E  1/3" 18°-6°
AXIS Q1604/-E 1/3" 18°-6°

* Angles achieved when the camera is used inside an Axis housing

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