AXIS Indoor Recessed Enclosure

  • Indoor installation
  • Attractive recessed ceiling dome
  • Tinted lower dome to hide the direction of the camera
  • Tailor-made for the Axis PTZ and PTZ dome cameras

The AXIS Indoor Recessed Enclosure is a low profile indoor ceiling housing that protects Axis PTZ and PTZ dome cameras.

The housing ships with a smoked dome that allows for discreet surveillance. Its lower semi-sphere is constructed of distortion free, cell-cast acrylic. For quick and correct installation, the housing ships with a cardboard template for cutting the proper size opening for the enclosure in a drop ceiling. Two anchor points on the metal housing enable the unit to be secured to superstructure.

A white powder coat trim gives the AXIS Indoor Recessed Enclosure a clean, professional look.

Note: The product should be installed according to local laws and regulation. It may require the use of a licensed electrician.

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