AXIS Q86 PT Thermal Network Cameras

Unobstructed views with superb thermal imaging

  • Reliable thermal detection

  • Outstanding thermal contrast

  • Responsive positioning with quick, smooth pan and tilt capabilities

  • Smooth and steady video with electronic image stabilization

Sometimes you need a slow, steady pan. Other times it’s important to be on the spot in a flash. With the responsive AXIS Q86 PT Thermal Network Cameras, you set the pace for unobstructed and far-reaching thermal detection of expansive outdoor areas. 

A video analytics powerhouse

The powerful processor in AXIS Q86 thermal cameras lets you add the strength of the market’s widest selection of video analytics solutions to your surveillance solution. For example, video analytics applications from Axis and our partners support swift and appropriate response to detected events by analyzing them, automatically dismissing non-threatening ones and instantly notifying security staff of potentially critical situations. Your staff can then view sharp, detailed footage to determine the precise nature of the threat – and act accordingly.

Swift and smooth

AXIS Q86 PT Thermal Network Cameras let operators choose between really slow or super-fast pan (from 0.05 to 120 degrees per second) and tilt movement (from 0.05 to 65 degrees per second). So they get smooth and jerk-free panoramic viewing when they need it and can respond quickly to events. The cameras can be column-mounted, on poles or walls for a 360° panoramic view and a ground-to-sky view from -90° to +45°. They can withstand high winds when they’re in motion of up to 47-meter per second (106 mph). To accommodate any thermal PT mount model with a different lens option than AXIS Q8641-E/Q8642-E, please see AXIS Q1941-E PT Mount or AXIS Q1942-E PT Mount.

Far + wide + sharp = accurate

AXIS Q86 thermal cameras allow for wide-area coverage and a long range detection: in other words, a single camera captures events taking place in a large area and at great distance. In addition, thanks to a combination of dynamic histogram equalization, enhanced local contrast and dynamic sharpening, the thermal cameras improve image contrast for sharp video with great details in all conditions. Electronic image stabilization keeps the picture smooth even when the camera is exposed to vibrations. The result is outstanding, fast and easy detection of events –keeping false alarms to a minimum.