White papers

Title Language Date
Secure your installation with live testing English June 2016
Focus recall English June 2016
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) study, Enterprise City surveillance English June 2016
i-CS lenses – intelligent lenses improving camera performance English June 2016
Thermal network cameras - Performance considerations for video analytics English May 2016
German translation of Safe Cities Report from 2016 Netherlands German May 2016
Survey result how safe is your city DE version German May 2016
AXIS Q1942-E - Nomographs to determine number of pixels at a given range in meter English February 2016
원격 온도 모니터링 Korean February 2016
Remote temperature monitoring English February 2016
Bit rate - Variable, Constant or Maximum? English February 2016
AXIS Q1941-E - Nomographs to determine number of pixels at a given range in meter English December 2015
Axis and UITP joint video surveillance survey report 2015 English November 2015
Axis Video Analytics English November 2015
SIP - An introduction English October 2015
Technologie Zipstream od firmy Axis Czech September 2015
Technologia Zipstream firmy Axis Polish September 2015
ThinServer Technology Overview English September 2015
Making Networks Work Harderand Smarter: AXIS ThinServer Technology English September 2015
How can IP surveillance systems positively impact a businesses energy usage (Energy White Paper) English September 2015
How to prevent/reduce IR reflections on fixed dome cameras with built-in IR English September 2015
Intelligente camera's Dutch August 2015
cameras intelligentes French August 2015
Intelligente kameras German August 2015
品質の価値規格やカタログ表記にとどまらない信頼性を実現 Japanese August 2015