Trademark and copyright user guidelines

We at Axis value our trademarks and copyrights. We consider them to be crucial assets and make sure that we and our partners use them appropriately and with due care.

These guidelines are for Axis distributors, partners, resellers, licensees, developers, customers, media contacts, and anyone else who intends to use Axis trademarks, logos, or copyrights in any way, whether it is in digital or printed form, for advertising, marketing, promotional, informational, or collateral material, on products, or on packaging etc.

If you are an Axis partner, you can find partner-specific, co-marketing, and fulfilment guidelines on Axis partner pages (login), or contact your Axis marketing representative.








1. Axis trademarks

Axis owns registered trademarks all over the world, and we continuously update our trademark portfolio. Below is a non-exhaustive list of Axis trademarks.


AXIS®,  ETRAX®,  VAPIX®,  ARTPEC®, 安讯士® (Chinese)


1.1 Authorized use of Axis trademarks

The Axis corporate logotype is our most important brand identifier and you should treat it with the utmost respect. 

Generally, we do not allow third parties to use Axis trademarks. However, below you find limited exceptions, for which the use of Axis trademarks is allowed. The size may vary from one application to another, but you are not allowed to alter it in any way compared with the approved versions shown here. You will find more details on unauthorized use of Axis corporate logotype in the subchapters "Violations" and "Examples of logotype violations (non-exhaustive)".

1.1.1 Axis corporate logotype

You can use Axis corporate logotype on your website or in marketing materials to indicate that you are selling or supporting Axis products or services. But this is under the condition that you, on the same page or area, also include a logotype of at least one more company with whom you have a similar relationship. This is to avoid any doubt concerning your relationship with Axis and the actual seller of the products or services.

All other use of Axis corporate logotype is forbidden unless expressly approved by Axis. Whenever you use the Axis corporate logotype, always follow the rules below.

Approved usage

Whenever possible, use the color version of Axis logotypes on a white background. In exceptional cases, you may request to use one of the following alternative versions of our logotype:

  • Line art – for monochrome printing
  • Grayscale – for grayscale printing
  • Negative (white) – for use on dark backgrounds or objects
  • Engraved or embossed – for special purposes, that is, certain giveaways


The preferred logo on a white background.

Grayscale logo on a white background.

The logo reversed out of a sufficiently dark background.

The preferred logo on a sufficiently light background.

The logo reversed out of a sufficiently dark background (for use on 1-color material).

Black and white logo on a white background (for use on 1-color material).

Space and appearance

Allow enough clear space around the logotype. There should at least be a white space equal to the height of the X in AXIS between the logotype and the top, bottom, left, and right edge.

Violations to the logotype are unacceptable. Never do any of the following:

  • Change any word or decoration element of the logotype
  • Remove or replace the word COMMUNICATIONS
  • Remove or replace the pyramid
  • Change the typography, color, proportions, or size of elements of the logotype
  • Rotate or distort the logotype or use the pyramid from the logotype alone
  • Combine Axis corporate logotype with any other elements, whether it is an additional word, figurative element, or the name of your own company or product
  • Reverse the logotype on a background that clashes, is too light, too complex, or too dark

The following are some of the examples of logotype violations. The same rules and examples apply to the Axis relationship logotype.

Reversed logotype on a background that clashes.

Reversed logotype on a background that is too light.

Logotype used on a complex background.

Logotype used on a background that is too dark.

Logotype missing one or several elements.

Logotype missing one or several elements.

Changed typography.

Changed color in one or several elements of the logotype or replacing it with a pattern.

New graphical elements or signage created with the pyramide from the logotype.

Distorted logotype.

Rotated logotype

Logotype where words or symbols are replaced with other elements

Logotype where words or symbols are replaced with other elements

Logotype where words or symbols are replaced with other elements

Elements of the logotype used in own mark

Elements of the logotype used in own mark

Elements of the logotype used in own mark

Elements of the logotype used in own mark

Word elements of the logotype transliterated or translated to another language

For complete guidelines on using Axis relationship logotypes, visit Axis Partner Pages (login).

1.1.3 Axis word marks

When referring to AXIS as a trademark in a text for the first time, always use capital letters and the
® symbol.

When referring to specific Axis product names, always use AXIS (all capitals) as a trademark
AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller Axis A1001 Network Door Controller

When referring to AXIS as a trademark in text, never use it in the possessive or plural form and never combine it with other trademarks or symbols. The trademark AXIS is an adjective, not a noun. Always use the word mark AXIS together with an appropriate descriptor of the product. If you are not sure, consult the relevant product or service page on

Please find below a summary of the rules and examples of right and wrong use:

Never combine an Axis trademark with your own product or company name
“MyCompany”’s software is compatible with Axis network video products The “MyCompany”-Axis software


Use capitalized “AXIS” for product names as indicated on the specific product page on
AXIS M3026-VE Network Camera Axis M3026-VE
AXIS Camera Station Axis-M3026-VE
    Axis Camera Station


Never use a trademark in a possessive form
Features of the AXIS M3026-VE camera include… AXIS M30’s features
Axis autotracking is a great feature. AXIS’ features
    Axis’ autotracking is a great feature.


Never shorten a trademark to an initial or abbreviation


Never hyphenate a trademark with another prefix, slash symbol, or word
This product is compatible with Axis cameras AXIS-compatible


Never use as a noun, instead, use as a proper adjective with a generic descriptor
I bought two Axis cameras I bought two Axis


The same rules apply to the word marks ETRAX®, VAPIX® and ARTPEC®.

1.1.4 Trademark attribution

Whenever you refer to Axis trademarks, include a proper trademark attribution:

AXIS, AXIS COMMUNICATIONS, ETRAX, ARTPEC and VAPIX are registered trademarks or trademark applications of Axis AB in various jurisdictions.

1.2 Unauthorized use of Axis trademarks

We treat our trademarks with utmost care, and we are therefore prone to make sure that no one is misusing or infringing on our rights. It is also important for Axis that no one is using our trademarks in a way that may mislead anyone concerning the origin of the product or the nature of the relationship withAxis.

Alongside with the proper use rules in the chapter "Authorized use of Axis trademarks", that should be followed at all times, below are the cases of prohibited use that we will immediately act upon.

1.2.1 Use in company name, products or services

You may not use or register “Axis” or other Axis trademarks, products, features or technology names as a part of your company name, trade name, trademark, product or service name. The same is applicable for names confusingly similar to Axis trademarks, products, features or technology names (some of the examples are misspellings, translations, or transliterations).

1.2.2 Prominent use of Axis trademarks misleading customers

You may not use Axis trademarks on your website, in marketing and other materials in such a prominent way that may mislead customers about the nature of your relationship or co-operation with Axis and the actual seller or manufacturer of the product.

For example, always present enough information about your own company in all sales, marketing, and product materials, as well as on your website. If you are a partner, be clear about your role and use Axis relationship logotype. If you are not a partner but you are still selling Axis products, be clear about it. Never combine your own name or logotype with any Axis trademark.

1.2.3 Use of Axis trademark for products not made by Axis

You may not use an Axis trademark on a product or on marketing material for a product that only contains a part manufactured or developed by Axis and where the final product or solution is developed by your company.

In such cases, use your own logo or name for the product. You are still free to advertise which part of the product comes from Axis and use your relationship logotype if you are a partner.

1.2.4 Use in domain name, meta tag or hidden text in a webpage

You may not register any domain name containing an Axis trademark, even if this domain name redirects to a page on the Axis website or to a page on your website selling Axis products.

Note that you are still allowed to use “axis” in a subdomain string directing to a specific page on your website dedicated to Axis products as long as it is not a separate domain name registration and is not likely to mislead customers.,, etc.


1.2.5 Replace or remove Axis corporate logotype from a product for resale

You may not remove Axis corporate logotype from a product or replace it with your own logotype. Axis corporate logotype is an important quality and brand mark for customers and should remain on the product at all times.

1.2.6 Use of Axis trademark in an altered or distorted form

You may not distort, change, or in any other way inappropriately use Axis trademark in violation of the rules in the chapter "Authorized use of Axis trademarks".

1.2.7 Translate Axis trademarks to other languages

You should only use Axis trademarks as they are without translating, transliterating or transcribing them.

1.2.8 Use on merchandise items

Unless expressly approved by Axis, you should not use Axis trademarks on merchandise items such as office utensils, apparel, souvenirs etc.

1.2.9 Use in an objectionable material

You may not use Axis trademarks in or in connection with any defamatory, scandalous, pornographic, or other materials of any sort that are likely to dilute, defame, disparage or harm the reputation of Axis.

2. Axis copyrighted material

Axis owns a substantial amount of copyrighted material from product images to collaterals, white papers, and website content. As a rule, Axis does not allow third party to use its copyrighted materials.

If you are an Axis partner, you can find detailed partner-specific information about access to Axis materials, fulfillment marketing, and co-marketing on the Axis Partner Pages (login).

2.1 Authorized use of copyrighted material

2.1.1 White papers and technical guides and manuals

We do not generally authorize reproduction of Axis materials for commercial purposes in print or online. Nor do we permit local hosting of Axis materials on third-party webpages. Instead, we encourage and specifically authorize you to “deep link” to relevant webpages on This allows your visitors to always access the most recent and updated version of all Axis materials.

2.1.2 Product images

You are allowed to use Axis product images located in the photo library, provided that you use them in accordance with the rules below:

  • When you use our photos, you should accompany them by the credit line and notice ‘Courtesy of Axis Communications AB. All rights reserved.’.
  • The use cannot deride Axis in any way.
  • The use cannot imply unfounded endorsement and be of any harm to Axis.
  • The use cannot misleadingly imply any kind of relationship or affiliation between the third party and Axis if such relationship or affiliation does not exist.
  • You cannot change or manipulate photos except for changing the size to fit the media.
  • The use cannot infringe Axis registered trademarks.

2.2 Unauthorized use of copyrighted material

You are not authorized to use Axis copyrighted material in any of the following ways:

  • Copy, reproduce, further redistribute, or publish any Axis materials, including content of webpages, white papers, guides, and manuals in whole or in part.
  • Change or create derivative works of Axis materials, including but not limited to content of webpages, white papers, guides, and manuals in whole or in part.
  • Copy, reproduce, or change source code or object code of Axis products unless this code is licensed as open source software where the license expressly permits these actions. In such cases, the rules of the specific license apply.
  • Imitate the look and feel of Axis materials, including webpages, graphical user interface, and visual design of products by using the specific color combinations, layout, visual appearance etc.