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Our upcoming webinars will provide you with some of the most relevant information available in the industry and the opportunity to ask questions from our knowledgeable team members in real time.
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Upcoming webinars

AXIS Channel Partner Program & Partner Pages

Date: Thursday, 20-May-2020
Time: 11:00am (IST)/ 11:00am Colombo Time/ 11:30am (BDT)

Channel Partner Program is basically to educate partners about the program and the benefits of being a partner with us. Also, different partnership level that we have and benefits of each level.
A secure partner website that serves as a direct communication portal with Axis and it is a one stop shop for all the resources that partner may need.

AXIS Technologies & Differentiation

Date: Thursday, 21-May-2020
Time: 11:00am (IST)/ 11:00am Colombo Time/ 11:30am (BDT)

This webinar includes the innovative technologies that differentiate Axis:

  • How Thermal cameras are cost effective solution for round the clock detection?
  • How Radar helps to minimize false alarms
  • Learn how to save storage with Axis Zipstream technology.
  • How Axis OptimizedIR delivers high quality and low noise videos in darkness?
  • Learn how Axis Lightfinder can capture coloured images with low light?

AXIS Audio Solutions

Date: Wednesday, 10-June-2020
Time: 11:00am (IST)/ 11:00am Colombo Time/ 11:30am (BDT)

This webinar provides insights on why to choose Axis network audio for security systems. Learn how Axis provides the possibilities of network audio that can be easily integrated with surveillance solutions. Discover the variety of audio applications including improving security, scheduled announcement or background music. Join this webinar to learn more on the usage of IP speakers for different verticals like Retail, Education or manufacturing plants.

AXIS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) & Benefits

Date: Thursday, 18-June-2020
Time: 11:00am (IST)/ 11:00am Colombo Time/ 11:30am (BDT)

In this webinar understand the basics of TCO model and how this helps to analyse the cost of security system. This helps business leaders make better decisions and factors to consider for security projects installations. Discover the purpose of TCO and understand how Axis presents the combined approach of TCO and Return on Investment (ROI). 

AXIS Best Practices for Implementation

Date: Thursday, 9-July-2020
Time: 11:00am (IST)/ 11:00am Colombo Time/ 11:30am (BDT)

Join this webinar to learn the best practices for implementation of security projects. What are the necessary steps to take while designing, development and testing these security devices? This session helps you to understand the ability of our products to provide the highest level of protection for network devices. How to take proactive and systematic approaches to mitigate any IT threats? Discover what Axis resources you can leverage to improve the performance of your security systems.