Axis hosts Women in Security Summit for creating a diverse, innovative industry

June 14, 2019
Axis Communications celebrates diversity because it’s a key ingredient for the company’s continued innovation and growth. After last year successful event in the USA, in June Axis is hosting its second Women in Security Summit, this time in Lund (SW) where the company has its HQ.

As a supporter of equal opportunities, Axis is looking forward to welcoming women in security to its global HQ and recognizing how women are making the industry increasingly dynamic and competitive.

“It is a wonderful opportunity to recognize the immense contribution of my inspirational Axis female colleagues across EMEA, to raise awareness about the evolution of gender diversity in the security industry,” says Anna Forsberg, Regional Director for Eastern Europe “And to inspire them to identify and follow their individual development vision and maybe take on leadership roles within our industry.” adds Verena Rathjen, VP Axis EMEA.

Diversity, innovation and sustainability

The road to complete equality is still a long one, but Axis is committed to contribute to the change of tide. Diversity is a crucial part of the company’s sustainability strategy and of its commitment to the UN sustainability goals.

Anna Forsberg, Verena Rathjen and Malin Svensson
Anna Forsberg, Verena Rathjen and Malin Svensson

You can find out more information about this in the Axis Sustainability Report 2018.

Fostering a diverse industry

The summit is not the only initiative Axis has implemented. Axis in North America is working with local high schools and universities to generate interest in security industry-related careers, with a focused attention on inspiring young women. A leadership program for women is also being developed through a partnership with the Security Industry Association (SIA).

“At Axis, we take pride in being a progressive, forward thinking company which actively embraces diversity and inclusion.  One of Axis global social responsibility goals is to aim for a more balanced distribution in terms of gender across all teams and functions and our Axis Women in Security events reflects the importance that Axis places on this goal” – Malin Svensson, CPO at Axis.

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