Video redaction feature in AXIS Camera Station protects privacy

November 5, 2019
When exporting video, users may need to mask some objects to comply with privacy regulations. Video redaction, a new function in AXIS Camera Station, allows them to do just that – in a simple and intuitive way.

Public awareness of privacy has recently been on the rise. Personal data protection legislation such as GDPR in Europe and FISMA in the US calls for companies to adapt many business operations, and video surveillance makes no exception.

AXIS Camera Station video management software (VMS) now comes with a new function that makes it possible to export video while safeguarding the privacy of individuals.

With video redaction (see film), users can edit video footage before export to third parties by masking irrelevant objects or background. This function is useful for law enforcement purposes and to comply with privacy regulations, for example GDPR article 15 "Right of access by the data subject". The masking keeps the original video stream intact so that it can also be exported and used as evidence in court.

Thanks to edge-generated analytics data from the camera, it is also possible to automatically generate masks for all moving objects in a scene.

Video redaction is the latest release by Axis Communications to protect privacy. Earlier this year, Axis unveiled AXIS Live Privacy Shield, the market’s only edge analytics software for cameras that masks people in real time in video streams at up to full frame rate. The solution can also be integrated with AXIS Camera Station.

AXIS Camera Station is a fully-featured video management software ideally suited for medium-sized operations such as schools, retail stores and manufacturing sites. It is powerful and easy to use with an intuitive interface so anyone can manage it, handle incidents and quickly export high-definition video evidence.

AXIS Camera Station supports the complete Axis portfolio, including cameras, audio, IO, door station products, encoders and decoders.

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