Swedish culture and sustainable developments in focus

19 April, 2018
In 2014, Axis initiated a voluntary project to enable opportunities for computer-based education by equipping a 10-seat computer lab and establishing an Internet connection at Hekima Girls’ Secondary School in Tanzania. Today, representatives from the Tanzanian school came to visit the Axis Headquarters in Lund, Sweden.

As part of a student exchange program with the Swedish high school St: Petri School, students and teachers from Hekima Girls’ Secondary School travelled from Tanzania to Sweden with the aim of learning more about sustainable development and to get to know Swedish culture. For nine days in April the students had the opportunity to live with Swedish families and took tours around Swedish establishments and companies to gain new perspectives on gender equality as well as other sustainability topics.


When visiting Axis, after a round-tour in the different office environments, test-labs and the company gym, the day ended with a discussion around the challenges and needs faced by the school. Aside from technical equipment such as computers, the greatest challenge for the school is to attain a sufficiently capable Internet connection to be enable the education in a qualitative way. “In the computer lab, we are eight girls sharing one computer. Sometimes it takes up to 10 minutes to see the result when searching on the Internet”, says Ritha Zawadi Kamugisha, student at Hekima Girls’ Secondary School.


“We have kept in touch with Hekima since we first started the project and it is important for Axis to continue the relationship. There are many ways that Axis as a company can contribute to the students’ well-being and success and the needs are extensive. Their trip to Sweden was a great opportunity for us to meet them, nurture the relationship and to hear how things progress in the school”, says Dan Eriksson, project coordinator for the Hekima project at Axis Communications.

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