Statement on the impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak

July 3, 2020
The COVID-19 outbreak has had, and continues to have, major impact on people and society. Even though the situation remains uncertain, Axis manufacturing sites are operating as normal and deliveries are stable, which means limited to no impact on Axis customers.

“Axis primary focus is the safety of our employees. As we have become accustomed to this situation, I am proud to see our organization finding ways of collaborating where we address a whole range of new challenges. Despite the uncertainties, we have all gone into this period with a balanced approach – taking care of each other and of our customers,” says Axis CEO Ray Mauritsson.

Efforts for managing the situation, such as rearranging transports, working with multiple suppliers and monitoring stock levels across the Axis supply chain, have had positive effects. Axis distributors are in most cases operating at normal level and Axis configuration and logistics centers and manufacturing sites are working well. Also, being an important provider of products and services necessary to the operations and maintenance of essential infrastructure and governmental functions in many countries, several countries’ authorities have approved the continuing business of Axis and of its suppliers.

Axis continues to monitor the situation of the Novel Coronavirus and recommendations from the local authorities and the World Health Organization and is committed to keeping partners and customers updated about how the situation develops. For more detailed information, Axis partners are referred to the Extended Lead Time List or to their regular channels.  

For further information, please contact: Björn Hallerborn , PR & Corporate Communications Manager, Axis Communications
Phone: +46 46 272 18 00