Secure and easy incident reporting. New feature in AXIS Camera Station

December 3, 2019
The fully-featured video management software for Axis network video products, AXIS Camera Station, has been updated with a new feature that allows users to generate incident reports with just a few clicks and export authentic footage to third parties.

Footage authenticity and operator experience are both key when exporting surveillance video. The AXIS Camera Station video management software (VMS) now comes with a new feature enabling easy and secure incident reporting.

With just a few clicks, users can neatly package recordings, snapshots and notes before exporting them to someone else (see film). All data is saved on a restricted network location, which makes it possible to configure so that the person generating the report does not have access to the exported material. To further ensure authenticity of the footage, the report can also be protected by a digital signature.

To further optimize video export, Axis recently launched the video redaction feature, which makes it possible to mask unnecessary objects or background. Video redaction helps ensure compliance with privacy protection legislation when exporting video for third parties.

AXIS Camera Station is a fully-featured video management software ideally suited for medium-sized operations such as schools, retail stores and manufacturing sites. It is powerful and easy to use with an intuitive interface so anyone can manage it, handle incidents and quickly export high-definition video evidence.

AXIS Camera Station supports the complete Axis portfolio, including cameras, audio, IO, door station products, encoders and decoders.

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Madeleine Eibrand
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