Find the perfect surveillance match with new product selector features

February 28, 2020
Axis product selector can help identify the right solution for any surveillance need. Axis Communications is pleased to announce that it has now added Axis video management software (VMS) as a category in the product selector, to further optimize the technologies used in bespoke solutions.

The product selector is a useful tool that allows partners and customers to find and compare Axis products based on individual needs and specifications. The filters help to find the perfect solution quickly.

A video management software, VMS, is the very core in a surveillance system. Axis VMS allows to view and export recorded footage and gives users full control over their cameras, audio devices and access management. Real-time alert notifications in the systems help to protect premises and let operators quickly take care of incidents. By adding the VMSs in Axis product selector, AXIS Companion and AXIS Camera Station will be available for comparison by those using both the online tool and the mobile app.

Key benefits:

  • Find and compare Axis products
  • Filter on features, resolution and field of view
  • Categories include
    • Cameras and video encoders
    • Audio and access control products
    • Video Recorders
    • Video Management Software
  • Download a PDF-file of your comparison
  • Also available as app for iOS and Android
Why wait, find the perfect surveillance match now!
Video management software Product selector
Madeleine Eibrand
For further information, please contact: Madeleine Eibrand, Communications Specialist, Axis Communications
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