AXIS Live Privacy Shield to add mosaic dynamic masking

March 17, 2020
AXIS Live Privacy Shield—the market’s only edge analytics software for cameras that masks people in real time in video streams at up to full frame rate—will support mosaic (pixel) masking, in addition to the currently available color masking in a new release on April 2. The solution addresses privacy rules and regulations, and at the same time, lets users see movement and activity on their premises. Because it runs directly on selected Axis cameras, no expensive servers are required, and it is easy to scale.

AXIS Live Privacy Shield compares a live camera view to a set background scene and applies dynamic masking to areas of change—essentially, moving people and objects. Not only would users be able to choose between color or mosaic masking, but they would also be able to set the level of masking required, and decide how often the background should automatically update. Color masking provides the greatest privacy protection, effectively eliminating the collection of personal data while enabling movements to be seen. Mosaic masking shows moving objects in very low resolution and allows users to better distinguish forms by seeing an object’s colors.

By default, dynamic masking is applied to the camera’s entire field of view, but users can choose to define areas where masking is not applied—for example, if there is a conveyer belt with moving objects that they want to be able to see. Users can also configure the system to deliver a separate video stream without dynamic masking, so authorized viewers can access details in case of an incident.

AXIS Live Privacy Shield is suitable for remote video monitoring or recording in areas where surveillance is otherwise problematic due to privacy rules and regulations. It is ideal for processing, manufacturing and logistics applications when video surveillance is primarily used to monitor processes. Other potential applications are in retail, healthcare, education and at government facilities.

Key benefits:

  • Safeguards privacy
  • Reliable, real-time dynamic masking at high frame rates
  • Cost effective, high-performance edge-based solution
  • Easy to install, configure and manage
  • For indoor areas with good, stable lighting
  • Choice of color or mosaic masking

AXIS Live Privacy Shield is available globally.

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AXIS Live Privacy Shield
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