Image dewarping in AXIS Camera Station VMS mobile app

January 23, 2020
It is now possible to dewarp images from 360° camera footage straight in the AXIS Camera Station VMS mobile app.

Users of AXIS Camera Station, the video management software (VMS) by Axis, can now dewarp video provided by a 360° camera directly in the mobile app.

With a quick pinch-out gesture, the image perspective can be corrected so that the scene is shown without distortions from the camera lens:

The new functionality is available in both live and replay view.

The AXIS Camera Station mobile app makes it possible to keep up with events from the surveillance site even from other locations. It offers easy access to multiple locations and comes with features such as live view, timeline visualization of recorded events, snapshots and the ability to export video to your mobile device.

The AXIS Camera Station mobile viewing app is available for both Android and iOS.

AXIS Camera Station is a fully-featured video management software ideally suited for medium-sized operations such as schools, retail stores and manufacturing sites. It is powerful and easy to use with an intuitive interface so anyone can manage it, handle incidents and quickly export high-definition video evidence.

AXIS Camera Station supports the complete Axis portfolio, including cameras, audio, IO, door station products, encoders and decoders.

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