Axis launches three ways to accelerate forensic search

September 7, 2021
Axis Communications has announced the global availability of three integrations that use metadata from Axis devices to enable forensic search investigations in partner video management systems Milestone XProtect® and Siemens Siveillance Video.

Each of the integrations streamlines search for objects or events in a scene using metadata sent from Axis devices. Investigators can pinpoint a single incident from archives of video footage, reducing analysis time from hours to minutes or seconds.

The three forensic search integrations are (click links for videos):

  1. AXIS Optimizer forensic search based on metadata about motion of objects in a scene
  2. AXIS Optimizer forensic search using object classification metadata from AXIS Object Analytics
  3. ONVIF Profile M open object classification using metadata from AXIS Object Analytics

The first two offerings listed above are globally available via AXIS Optimizer.

The motion-based integration enables searches of video recordings based on moving objects, people and events in a scene. It is ideally suited for investigations that begin with only a minimal number of known details, for example where the only known detail is the location of an incident.

The object classification-based AXIS Optimizer forensic search integration suits searches involving a broader range of known details about objects or people in a scene. Based on metadata generated inside Axis cameras with deep learning processing units, a group of pixels can further classify objects by more refined description types or attributes. For example: a specific type of vehicle (car, truck, bike, etc.).

The Axis metadata offering is also available as a native integration within Centralized Search for Milestone and Siemens Siveillance Video. Released in June 2021 with AXIS OS 10.6 the offering is supported by a broad and growing range of Axis products that are ONVIF Profile M conformant. 

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