Callback of AXIS Q6215-LE due to safety risk

March 24, 2021
Axis Communications has identified a possible safety risk in AXIS Q6215-LE if the camera is mounted in the hanging position. This is caused by a fastener that may come loose inside the camera, which could cause it to fall down. Although the likelihood for this to happen is very low, Axis has decided to callback all unsold units and all units that have been installed in the hanging position.

All AXIS Q6215-LE in stock and all new units of the camera will be fitted with a safety locking device to prevent the fastener inside the camera from coming loose. Axis distributors have been requested to return any unsold units of the product. Axis system integrators and end customers are requested to contact Axis technical support to manage return and replacement of any cameras that have been mounted in the hanging position. 

To come in contact with Axis technical support
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For further information, please contact: Björn Hallerborn , PR & Corporate Communications Manager, Axis Communications
Phone: +46 46 272 18 00