Axis wins in First Annual Smarty Award

June 13, 2018
Axis has been named as the winner of the Smarty Award 2018 in the category “Technical”, for AXIS M5065 Network Camera, at the Z-Wave Spring summit in Amsterdam.

Axis won the award for its development of the world’s first PTZ camera with wireless input/output connectivity using Z-wave standard. AXIS M5065 won the Smarty Award for its innovative combination of features – especially the addition of the wireless I/O. Furthermore, it is compatible with all other binary Z-Wave units on the market.


Kent Fransson, Global Product Manager at Axis Communications comments, “We feel very honoured to receive the Smarty Award and it is great to see that the sector appreciates our work and product. At Axis, we strive to use the latest technological innovations to make the life of our customers easier – in a cost-efficient way. The wireless I/O connectivity makes security both easier and cost-effective which is why we see it being used more broadly in the future.”


AXIS M5065 uses Z-Wave’s flexible wireless communication to connect a business’ security devices to one another and trigger an action if a certain security breach takes place.


AXIS M5065 is currently available in the U.S., Canada, and Japan.


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The Z-Wave Alliance is a consortium of over 700 leading companies in the field of home technology, dedicated to establishing Z-Wave as the standard for wireless smart home and home automation products. These systems and products aim to increase safety and security, comfort, energy conservation and convenience.

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