Axis statement on Amnesty report

September 21, 2020
Axis has been referenced, along with other companies, in a recent report from Amnesty International regarding the sales of digital surveillance technology by EU companies to China. Axis was given the opportunity to and has responded directly to Amnesty in relation to the report’s content.

As Axis responded to Amnesty, our network video solutions are used all over the world to help increase security and safety. While we understand that our solutions, like many other technologies, can be used for purposes other than intended, Axis only develops solutions for user scenarios we believe in and we clearly communicate how we intend our solutions to be used, balancing society’s need to feel secure with the individuals’ need for privacy and respect for human rights.

We recognize that it is a continuous effort to integrate ethics into our business operations, and place expectations on our business partners to fully support our own intentions. In relation to the ethics of how our solutions are used by our customers, we always respect human rights and oppose discrimination and repression in any form. Customers are systematically screened to highlight any legal restrictions or inclusion on lists of national and international sanctions.

In addition to our own company values, as an organization founded and based in Sweden, we are bound by national, EU and international legislation with regards to the countries and end users to which we can and cannot sell our solutions. This legislation is based on factors including the record on human rights, internal repression and democratic status.

In a fast evolving technology sector, it is key to continuously review how technology is applied, to monitor the development of new and perhaps unintended use cases and how to ensure that we can live up to our own standards as well as the requirements under the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We recognize that, as a technology and market leader, we must engage in further and continuous dialogue with key stakeholders to identify improvements areas as well as work diligently to ensure continuous development and improvement of our own processes and operations. This is a never-ending work.

Amnesty's report can be found here. Axis response, dated June 23, 2020, to Amnesty's questions can be found here.

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