Integrated Systems Europe (ISE)

11 - 14 February, 2020
Hall 1, Stand Number N137

Meet us at ISE 2020, the world’s biggest AV show

While Axis Communications is the industry leader in network video, a rapidly growing area of the business is network audio, used as both a standalone audio solution and to enhance network video cameras and analytics. The new audio solutions, presented at Integrated Systems Europe 2020 in Amsterdam, offer a world of new possibilities within public address, safety & security applications, and also to background music.

Axis network audio systems are complete high-quality solutions, ready to be used out of the box. Every individual speaker is an advanced audio system. Everything is built-in, including the amplifier, digital signal processing to ensure audio quality, and integrated microphone for system health monitoring. Every speaker can be part of multiple zones and Axis solutions also include advanced scheduling of any audio content. All Axis solutions are based on open standards for easy integration with other systems, anything from camera triggered voice announcements in individual speakers to full SIP integration with your VOIP telephony system.

Two new speakers on show at ISE

  • AXIS C1410 Network Mini Speaker - AXIS C1410 Network Mini Speaker is smart and designed to fit discreetly into smaller spaces. Based on open standards, it is easy to integrate with other systems like VoIP telephony and video cameras and analytics from Axis and elsewhere. Users can add value to their security systems by reacting to what they see with voice messages. A pre-recorded message can be played, or an alarm can notify security personnel to warn intruders off with live speak. Users can also use voice messages to offer guidance and make informative announcements when needed. And, you can of course also use it for playing background music.
  • AXIS C1310-E Network Horn Speaker - The rugged AXIS C1310-E Network Horn Speaker can withstand temperatures from -40 to + 60 degrees C. It is easy to integrate with other systems like VoIP telephony, and video cameras and analytics from Axis and elsewhere because it is based on open standards. And users can warn off perpetrators detected by their cameras with clear remote live speak or pre-recorded voice messages.
Axis Communications, Andreas Reimann, PR and Social Media Specialist
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