What makes Axis special?

February 28, 2019
Every organization is unique. By design, through evolution, and shaped by its people. What makes Axis the company it is today is the core attributes we have evolved over the past three decades.

Axis was formed in 1984, and has been creating technology designed to make the world a safer and smarter place ever since. This is our vision. But we are also defined by our values, beliefs and behaviors that shape our everyday business.

So, what makes us special?

Curious by nature

A discussion between Axis employees

People have always been curious. They created fire, invented the wheel, explored continents and reached the depths of space. Curiosity and innovation go hand-in-hand, and it’s something we expect in our co-workers. After all, curiosity about the challenges our customers face is what continually drives our innovation.

The world’s first network camera, the first video encoder, the first thermal network camera, technologies such as Lightfinder and Zipstream to reduce the burden of data management: all our key developments are borne out of natural curiosity and a desire to bring new and improved products to the market that solve customer needs.

Curiosity is how we find evermore creative ways to apply our technologies and products. A surveillance camera can be much more than a security device. It can be used for improving patient care, to saving energy by turning off lighting and heating when nobody is around, to helping retailers optimize their store layout, and hundreds of other applications. By staying curious, we find new uses every day.

We never compromise on standards

We pride ourselves on bringing the best-quality products to market, and rigorously apply the highest possible standards to maintain this. We never compromise on quality, even if product development may take a bit more time.

Applying and maintaining such high standards brings lots of benefits. Our products are the best that customers can buy, and we feel confident that every product launched on the market supports our vision of creating a smarter and safer world.

Of course, the best quality products are ones that customers and partners are delighted with, which deepens business relationships.

Speaking of which…

Building relationships through trust

Trust is fundamental to any human relationship. The same is true in business. Delivering what you say you will is central to creating a trusting relationship. Acting in an ethical way in every aspect of business is critical in building trust between organizations and their stakeholders.

Customers need to trust our products. This is why we control every aspect of the production process, and closely audit the supply chain to make sure every part of every product is ethically-sourced and meets our own sustainability standards.

Our approach to sustainability is vital to being seen as a trustworthy company: customers can be sure that they’re specifying products that are sustainably designed, from reduced packaging to increased use of recycled plastics.

Effective support is an important element of trust. As detailed in this blog post, we aim to deliver outstanding technical support to customers as quickly and effectively as possible.

Driving integrity through the entire value chain

Axis employees having a meeting

All Axis suppliers are required to sign our Supplier Code of Conduct. And it’s essential that processes and policies are in place to make sure all our co-workers act with honesty and integrity.

We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of bribery and corruption, and all co-workers sign an anti-corruption policy along with the internal Code of Conduct. There is also an educational program for co-workers on the topic.

Committed to reducing environmental impact

August 1st 2018 was Earth Overshoot Day, the point where we had used more natural resources than the earth can replenish in the entire year. Predictions for the effect of climate change are increasingly alarming. It is everyone’s responsibility including governments, NGOs, businesses and individuals, to find the most effective ways to minimize environmental impact, or even turn it  into a net positive.

Reducing the impact on the environment of our operations – from manufacturing to business travel; from packaging to transportation – is a fundamental to Axis and our co-workers.

In 2007 we signed the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest initiative for sustainable development, and we have strictly followed their guidelines ever since. We work to make our own operations and products more sustainable, and to reduce the energy waste of our partners.

Earth is our home. It is our duty to take care of it, for today and for future generations.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

As philosopher Aristotle pointed out, it is the combination of individual parts that brings real value, rather than any single element itself. This is also true of the attributes of Axis: combined, our beliefs and behaviors bring value to our customers and partners and, through that, increase our own success.

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