Try before you buy: Three ways to experience cameras

January 10, 2019
In any area of life, before making a purchase people run through a process that leads to the final decision. Imagine you want to buy a new car. Typically, you would start researching which car might best fit your needs. Is it the fast sports car or the family car with the extra seat? Are you more concerned about economy than performance? Will your journeys be short and local or long trips on highways?

Once you have collected enough information, such as brand, model and specific features, you would visit your local car dealer to go for a test drive. In the end, you want to know how the car feels, if it’s comfortable to drive it, if it has the performance you’re after, how much it consumes, and its security features.

When buying a surveillance system, wouldn’t it be logical to go through the same process, and get to know your camera of choice – and testing the various options - in a similar way that you’d get to know a new car?

When it comes to security, it’s crucial to choose the right solution for your specific requirements. And so, it’s logical that when making a decision, you will be keen to see the cameras recording in real-time and in diverse conditions.

Here are three ways to experience Axis cameras.


Visit Axis experience centers

The Axis headquarters in Lund, Sweden, is one of many regional offices that provides visitors with a distinctive experience: On the first floor of the modern building, Axis has built up its experience center. It displays several cameras in different realistic environments to show their special features and functions.

In an Axis experience center several cameras are displayed in different realistic environments to show their special features and functions.
One of Axis experience centers, this one at the headquarters in Lund, Sweden.

Visitors can, for example, find a section that looks exactly like the inside of a supermarket. This environment demonstrates vividly how cameras can prevent theft, through to identifying which aisles are the most popular with customers. Other areas simulate entrances or even a city surveillance environment to display network cameras with facial recognition features or infrared cameras. Besides the interactive exhibition of different Axis products, the staff can explain every model in detail and answer further questions. Moreover, there is additional information next to each of the displayed cameras.

These experience centers can be found in Lund as well as in every regional Axis office. Not only is it an interactive experience for everyone who visits one of the offices, but it also provides some insights into the different camera features in real-life implication.


Watch demo videos

How Axis thermal cameras work.

Axis has a selection of videos that showcase specific features of its network cameras such as Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), license plate recognition or integrated IR illumination. These videos provide a high value, especially due to the direct comparison with cameras that don’t have the outlined features. Having the video footage of two different devices next to each other makes it easier to decide if the shown option fits your needs. In particular, these videos can be useful if you want to see what differentiates Axis products from other IP network cameras on the market. Since they are on the Axis YouTube channel as well as on the website, it is possible to watch them any time and from almost anywhere in the world (as long as there is an Internet connection).


Explore live video streams

Live streaming has become very popular and real-time experiences, provided by live IP cameras, often exceed other tools in terms of impact, persuasion, engagement and attractiveness. What is more convincing regarding camera quality and functioning than a website showing all the various features in situ? This presentation of the devices benefits numerous audiences, for instance, developers, potential customers and curious visitors.

White-tailed eagles in Latvia in real-time through the lens of an Axis camera.

One example of such a website provider is CamStreamer, a developer of Axis ACAP apps for live streaming. The company created an online platform with hundreds of attractive live streams from different locations all around the world. Similar to the demo videos, the main purpose of the platform is to enable visitors to see and compare the features of different Axis cameras. But unlike YouTube, CamStreamer allows you to directly filter the live streams based on camera type, monitored location or camera category, which comes quite handy when looking for a specific model. Besides the stated advantages it is a bit like a car purchase: Sometimes it’s just nice to browse and look before making a decision.

Besides, now it’s not only possible to show you the features of the camera but also how Minnesota looks in Spring and what white-tailed eagles in Latvia do the whole day.

If you’re considering a new or enhanced video surveillance solution and are keen to look into the options to see real-world camera installations, a great first step is to talk to an Axis partner. You can find your closest partner here.   

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