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November 26, 2019
Did you know there are more than 100 engineers and 40 product and solution specialists working at Axis technical services? Customer service is, as you might understand, very important for Axis. We caught up with Gunilla Wejfeldt, Technical Services Global Director, and Bo Gabrielsson, Technical Services Manager EMEA, to understand why.

Gunilla Wejfeldt: For everyone in Axis technical services, customer satisfaction comes first, and we translate this into “staying with the customer all the way”. This means we work with our customers to understand their challenges and we do not leave until we have solved the issue a customer is facing.

So customer service is very important to us. This is why one of our priorities is to make sure our clients can access technical support 24/7, whatever their issue. It’s a big commitment, so our worldwide support team consists of 100 engineers and 40 product and solution specialists and can support in 15 different languages and are always available, no matter what time or from where you’re calling.

80 000 phone calls each year

Axis technical support - supporting customers 24/7

Bo Gabrielsson: Regardless of time, an Axis support technician is almost always available during weekdays to reply to a chat, this by having Axis support technicians in all support hubs around the world on chat. In addition, a customer can always raise a support ticket in our Helpdesk system, which an Axis support technician normally starts to work with the same or the next work day.

However, the most common way to contact Axis technical support, is by phone. Each year, the technical support handles roughly 40, 000 chats, 70, 000 tickets and 80, 000 phone calls.

What do you do to give the best possible support?

Giuliano Ruggeri working at Axis technical support
Giuliano Ruggeri giving technical support to customers.

Bo Gabrielsson: You may have the best supporting systems and tools available, but it always comes down to the individual in the end; that the support technician really cares about the customers’ success and with the question or task they have at hand. It is also about that we communicate well and create mutual and trustful relations with our customers, and at the same time are efficient and knowledgeable to actually answering and solving the support requests.

And it’s not a one man show from a support point of view. To deliver a consistent world-class support, the culture of openness and helping each other is a key success factor, we share competence and back each other up.

Working at technical services

So, how is it like working at Axis technical support?

To answer that question, we met up with Sabrine Touansi, Giuliano Ruggeri and Amin Dehdari who all works at Axis technical support, to hear more about their daily work and their passion for customer support.

Hear their story in this film!



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