Compact recorder for UHDTV surveillance

July 9, 2020
For any retail or hospitality business – from single outlets to national chains – having a surveillance system that is easy to install and easy to use, means they can focus on their core activities. With an end-to-end solution from the market leader in video surveillance, you can feel safe knowing that you are always well protected.

The new AXIS S3008 Recorder is a highly compact recorder that can connect and power up to eight cameras and can be up and running with just a few clicks. Combined with AXIS Companion video management software, the solution can easily be scaled up from providing surveillance for a single site, to provide surveillance for multiple sites and whole national chains.

Surveillance made easy

AXIS S3008 Recorder is a compact recorder with embedded PoE switch, making it easy to fit and install into any business with minimal disruption. At the same time, it features a surveillance grade internal hard drive with enough storage and processing power to record high definition footage from up to eight cameras. All recordings are encrypted to ensure that the video is protected.

Two recorders can be combined on one site to support up to 16 cameras. The same system can also be replicated on multiple sites, and connected via AXIS Companion, to provide comprehensive surveillance for up to thousands of sites.

Perfect partner for AXIS Companion

AXIS S3008 has been designed to integrate seamlessly with AXIS Companion, to ensure the solution is easy and intuitive for both the installer and end-user. The first time the system is activated, AXIS Companion will guide the user through the system to ensure it is up and running with just a few clicks. AXIS Companion can also be used to configure the recorder directly, as well as perform upgrades and maintenance. 

A complete end-to-end validated solution

AXIS S3008 has been extensively tested and validated with AXIS’ range of products to ensure it provides an affordable, end-to-end solution with high reliability.

The seamless integration between all the necessary components means peace of mind for the system integrator, installer or end-user. For the system integrator or installer, it means that less time is needed to design and setup the system. Whenever support is needed, there is only one point-of-contact for the whole system.

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