Progress through collaboration: The Axis Developer Community

June 24, 2019
Axis believes that the most effective way to innovate is through collaboration, both internally and with externals partners and individuals. In creating the Axis Developer Community, access to tools and resources will be available to anyone who wants to create applications and solutions based on our products. We caught up with Lena Hansson, Manager for two of Axis partner programs, and Malin Nilsson, Global Partner Marketing Manager, to find out more.

What has motivated Axis to create the Developer Community?

Lena: Innovation has been the core of the Axis identity since the moment the company was founded, and more than 30 years of experience has taught us that closing ourselves inside a walled garden is counterproductive. The Developer Community represents the openness and accessibility that we believe is the best way to foster the collaboration that will help us reach the goal of a smarter, safer world.

Malin: Over recent years we have shared our platform and application development tools with university students, allowing them to experiment and learn with our solutions. The results were so impressive, that the decision to open a community for all application developers was an obvious one. As part of the community, developers have access to resources that will help them create new applications integrated with Axis products.

What do you hope to achieve with the community?

Lena Hansson
Lena Hansson, Manager for the two of Axis partner programs

Lena:  We hope the Axis Developer Community will become a digital space open to evolution and experimentation. We’d like the community to be a place where anybody can learn how to develop new applications based on the existing Axis technology, to create new, as yet unimagined applications, and network and form relationships with other developers.

Malin: Our own technology has evolved enormously: from the creation of the first network camera more than 20 years ago to today’s environment where sensors that feature both sight and sound, combined with software analytics, bring infinite applications. The community will be the place where the brightest brains will create the most impactful applications, and where the next generation of developers will learn and experiment.

Can anyone join? Even competitors?

Lena: Absolutely! Anyone can join for free, whether they are students, within our partners and customers, and even amateur developers. Everyone’s welcome. We’re even anticipating that some of our competitors might join the community.

What kind of resources do members have access to?

Malin Nilsson
Malin Nilsson, Global Partner Marketing Manager

Malin: Members have access to a comprehensive set of development tools that will help them develop new applications. For example, access to a complete reference library for VAPIX®, Axis' own open Application Programming Interface, which uses standard protocols that enable integration into a wide range of our solutions on different platforms.

The Developer Community will also include access to the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP). This is Axis’ own open platform for applications that run on-board an Axis product. It's available on various types of Axis products, not only cameras, and it creates unique possibilities for developing applications to meet specific needs.

Lena:  In addition to the tools themselves, there are tutorials, guidelines and tools to quickly get up to speed. There is also a forum where it’s possible to get in touch with developers all over the world; a place to discuss, to seek advice and help, and at the same time build a professional network.

How do I join?

Lena: It’s very straightforward. Just click on this link and follow the instructions to create an account. And good luck!

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