How Axis and Citilog are partnering for a smarter road

March 10, 2020
When most people think of network cameras, they think of them mounted indoors, on the premises of buildings or in large public areas. But Axis cameras make a difference in many more places – including on the roads we travel, together with Citilog.

Through a joint offering, Axis and Citilog technology ensures a smarter and safer journey for vehicles on the move. Citilog, a true software innovator, pioneered the use of video analytics for monitoring roadway traffic. Over twenty years later, Citilog solutions still define the cutting edge of traffic management. But more importantly, they save effort, costs and lives all around the world.

Faster, better response when it matters most

Citilog solutions can be found in tunnels, on bridges and even on highways, where their most important function is keeping travelers safe. Taking advantage of high-quality Axis video, Citilog software reliably identifies accidents and other traffic incidents – automatically and in real time.

Automatic incident detection (AID) improves the whole incident management chain. By alerting traffic operators about crashes or stopped vehicles, it lets them dispatch help quickly, with video and images to aid the responders. That in turn helps minimize the traffic disturbance, which prevents secondary incidents and keeps bad situations from escalating.

Keeping vehicles safely on the move

View over traffic on a bridge by a city
Smoothly flowing traffic is not only safer, it also makes for happier commuters and better-functioning communities.

Of course, there’s an even better way to save lives and reduce the burden on traffic operators and responders: preventing incidents altogether. Smoothly flowing traffic is not only safer, it also makes for happier commuters, simpler commerce and better-functioning communities.

Here, too, Axis cameras and Citilog software provide the right tools. The solutions accurately assess vehicle movement, identifying factors that can lead to congestion or gridlock. Traffic operators and controllers can use that information to optimize timing at traffic lights, for example, which can prevent a small queue from becoming a major traffic jam.

Especially in cities, this has a green aspect as well. Reducing the time that cars stand still has a positive impact on fuel use and emissions. And instead of building new infrastructure, cities can get more out of what they already have.

Upholding the law with fewer resources

Cities can also benefit by using Axis cameras and Citilog software for remote traffic enforcement. Just as easily as the solutions can identify an accident or queue, they can spot serious violations like wrong-way driving or illegal parking. Authorities don’t need to be there to know that a law has been broken – or to prove it in court with the help of reliable video evidence.

This can be smarter and more economical than adding police cars or officers on the ground. Instead of localized actions, it allows broad and consistent traffic enforcement, which will help to educate drivers over the long term. But it also lets authorities prioritize the most severe violations, which is yet another way to protect life and limb.

Data to drive better decisions

Many benefits are immediate when Axis cameras are deployed with Citilog software. In addition, the solutions can also provide valuable statistics, which lay the groundwork for systematic improvements. Citilog software lets Axis cameras double as traffic-detecting sensors, determining vehicle types, average speed and occupancy, and license plate numbers.

That information makes it easy to know how and when traffic infrastructure is used. So maintenance times can be optimized, new investments can be prioritized and even things like toll collection can be improved. And it’s obtained through the high-quality Axis video, without the need for additional sensors or equipment.

On the right road together

All of this means huge potential in a world where traffic is steadily increasing. Economically, environmentally and – above all – when it comes to safeguarding human life. The partnership between Axis and Citilog is one we’re truly proud of, because it’s providing a smarter road for customers and travelers alike.