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The value of quality!

Follow Axis’ cameras from design to production line. Selection of best material and testing beyond standards ensure a long lifespan and minimized cost of ownership. See how Axis always stands for quality.


Facial recognition solution improving casino operations

A facial recognition system in a Madrid casino reduces investigation time to less than half. With a reliability rate of over 95%, physiognomists are able to make more efficient use of their time.


Outdoor? Onboard? Oh yes!

Keep an eye on the outside of buses, trams, trucks and emergency vehicles. AXIS P3905-RE Network Camera is outdoor-ready and passes the very demanding IP6K9K.

Learn more about our Public Transportation (pdf) offering.


No midspan, even at -40 degrees

Video surveillance outdoors and at -40 degrees can be a challenge. With AXIS T93F10 use your long distance cables and yet install your Axis camera without a midspan!


AXIS Q6000-E - From overview to detail

AXIS Q6000-E integrated with an AXIS Q60-E is a new pioneering camera solution, offering full 360 o overview, while simultaneously capturing every detail in full resolution with high pan/tilt/zoom precision.


Hit it or wash it!

Hit them multiple times or spray them with high-pressure water and still the camera remains intact and fully functional. We take testing to extremes. Watch the video!


From analog to digital

How can video encoders give you the benefits of the intelligence available in network video? Take video encoding solutions - the new online course from Axis Communications’ Academy!


Updated product naming convention booklet

So many new products! Need help understanding them all? Download the updated version of the Axis Product Naming Convention (pdf) booklet. 


Axis making the difference for end customers

> Casinos/Gaming: Casino Gran Madrid (Spain)
> Casinos/Gaming: Facial recognition at Casino Gran Madrid (Spain)
> Education: Czech University of Agriculture, Prague (Czech Republic)
> Retail: Crystal Shopping Center (Russia)
> Education: Royal College of Surgeons (Scotland)
> Commercial: Wyke Farms (UK)
> Hotel/Restaurant: Hotel Hilton Kiev (Ukraine)
> Venues: Rock for People festival (Czech Republic)
> City surveillance: City of Boom, Belgium


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