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Title Language Date
Axisのビデオ分析: ビデオ監視効率の向上 Japanese August 2018
Axis 影像分析: 提升影像監控效率 Chinese, Simplified August 2018
Axis 비디오 분석: 영상 감시 효율성 향상 Korean August 2018
IR 紅外線監控 Chinese, Simplified August 2018
Les IR dans la surveillance French August 2018
감시에 사용되는 IR Korean August 2018
Axis firmware management English September 2018
Wide dynamic range: WDR solutions for forensic value English September 2018
Cybersecurity reference guide: Terminology and concepts English September 2018
Tecnologia de radar em aplicações de vigilância Portuguese, Brazil September 2018
宽动态范围功能: WDR 解决方案实现取证价值 Chinese, Simplified October 2018
Wide Dynamic RangeWDR-Lösungen mit forensischem Wert German November 2018
Wide Dynamic RangeSoluciones WDR con valor forense Spanish November 2018
5 technologies for safer data centers English November 2018
O uso do infravermelho em aplicaçõesde vigilânciaCâmeras dia e noite e a tecnologia OptimizedIR Portuguese, Brazil December 2018
寬動態範圍 (WDR)提供鑑識價值的 WDR 解決方案 Chinese, Simplified December 2018
광역역광보정(WDR)포렌식 가치를 위한 WDR 솔루션 Korean December 2018
A commitment to sustainable values English December 2018
Unsere Verpflichtung zu Nachhaltigkeit German December 2018
Ett engagemang för hållbara värderingar Swedish December 2018
Широкий динамический диапазонСистемы на основе технологии WDR с высокой детализацией изображения Russian February 2019
Plage dynamique étendue (WDR)Solutions WDR à destination forensique French February 2019
5 Technologien für mehr Sicherheit von Rechenzentren German March 2019
Axis Secure Remote Access English March 2019
European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)Implications for video surveillance - NL Dutch April 2019